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Gem, Posey, Piper, Emma, Raina, Felicity, and Meno have all been health tested and have came back clear. The OES, Portuguese Water dogs and Mini Poodles are all registered.

Our next F1 Mini Sheepadoodle litters: Gem x Meno due June 12th, Posey x Meno due July 2nd.  We expect one more F1 litter this fall with Piper x Meno.  Emma will also have a F1b Mini litter this fall. We are still accepting deposits for Piper's and Emma's litters. (Gem & Posey's are full)

Our next Mini Portidoodle litter is with Felicity x Meno and she is due June 25th. We are accepting deposits.

Our next Micro Mini Sheepadoodle litter will be at the end of this year/beginning of 2022.

Please make a deposit to get on our waiting list. 

 We are NOW accepting deposits! 

Mini Sheepadoodles


$4000 - Blue Merle

$4500 - Merles with blue eyes

$500 Air-shipped available

Mini Portidoodles

$4000 - Merle

$3500 Chocolate & White

$500 Air-shipped available